May 14, 2010

First Birthday Elmo Cake

This cake was made for Sophia who is celebrating her first birthday. The bottom tier is a 14 inch chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and elmo is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Cake

This tulip cake was one that I made for Mother's Day as well. It is Vanilla Cake filled with Cookies and Cream Buttercream and Frosted with Vanilla Buttercream and a thin coat of green fondant. It was decorated with green stems and leaves, fondant bumblebees and ladybugs and gumpaste tulips.

Mother's Day Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for my mother to celebrate mother's day. I did a mix of spring themes and cupcake themes.

These are the cupcake themed ones grouped together.

These are some of the spring cupcakes grouped together.

These are the bee themed cupcakes.

These are the embossed cupcakes with small flowers.

These pictures do not do these cupcakes justice. I am always so inspired by my mother and am very pleased with the outcome.

May 3, 2010

Sugar Paste Calla Lilies

These deep purple sugar paste calla lilies are going to be placed on a future cake as a bouquet.

Cupcake Class

A recent cupcake class I took allowed me to brush up on some cupcake decorating techniques including roses and sunflowers. These are some of the cupcakes and the flavours are rich chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.

Spring Cake

This spring cake was made for Easter and consisted of vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and handmade royal icing flowers and birds.

Pick up truck cake

My first carved cake was a truck cake for a friend's 19th birthday. It was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting covered in red and black fondant.

Pink Bow Cake

This cake was created for valentines day and was vanilla cake filled with rasberry buttercream and decorated in white fondant with a two-tone pink bow.

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for a birthday party and were rich chocolate cupcakes with cookies and cream buttercream.

Rose Cupcakes

These rose cupcakes were made for a birthday and were rich chocolate cake frosted with vanilla buttercream roses.

Heart Cupcakes

These fondant cupcakes are vanilla covered with white fondant and a pink fondant heart accent.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

These red velvet cupcakes were in the process of getting iced with rich cream cheese frosting.

Monogram Baptism Cookies

These monogram cookies were prepared for a baptism and are sugar cookies iced with royal icing.