August 28, 2010

Garden Cake

This cake was made for my dad's birthday, who belives that his garden is just as important as his children. He dutifully waters and takes care of it each and every day and makes sure eveything is neat, tidy and in place. I thought this cake would be fitting seeing as how it is him sitting beside a part of his garden.

I included a fondant figure of my dad alongside a tomato plant in a pot and cabbage, carrots and lettuce in a miniature garden setting. The cake flavours included lemon cake with vanilla buttecream and raspberry preserves.

Happy Birthday Papa!!

August 21, 2010

Trailing Flowers Cake

This cake was created for a 50th birthday party and is decorated in white fondant with two shades of purple roses trailing down the side of the cake surrounding a large fantasy flower. The flavours of this cake include chocolate cake with ferrero rocher filling.

August 19, 2010

Trullo Cake

Today is my grandfather's birthday and to celebrate I created a cake to remind him of back home in Italy. My mother's family lived in a small town in Puglia where they lived in houses called Trulli. These odd shaped houses are an icon in and around the city and it is common for people to own more than one.

This trullo cake is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

Happy Birthday Nonno!

August 16, 2010

Lightening McQueen Cake2

I was asked to re-create the lightening mcqueen cake on a smaller scale for a 4 year old's birthday. The flavour of this cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Tiffany & Co. Cake

This Tiffany box was created for a 20th birthday. I covered the box in the signature tiffany blue colour and created a fondant pouch and pearl bracelet to place on the board as well. The flavours included chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

DJ Turntable

This DJ turntable cake was for a DJ named The Beat Monkey, who's logo is the monkey on the record. He is best known for his geek glasses so those were asked to be placed on the cake as well. The flavours included chocolate cake with ferrero rocher filling and chocolate buttercream. I also included 24 personalized water bottles with the beat monkey logo on them.

These pictures were sent to me from the party.

Honda S2000 Cake

This cake was created for guy who loves his car and wanted it to be a part of his special day. This S2000's flavours were chocolate with ferrero rocher filling and vanilla buttercream.