December 28, 2010

An Almost-Year full of cakes

The year is almost coming to an end and what better way than to show how thankful I am then to
re-visit some of my favourite cakes I created this year. Although I only started in May of this year I have been blessed to have amazing customers who have allowed me to create edible works of art.

These are some of my personal favourites in no particular order.

Thank you all for an amazing first year!! Hope you all have an amazing New Year!

Whimsical Christmas Birthday Cake

This cake was created for a customer who's grandfather was turning 85 on Christmas Eve. The cake flavours were tuxedo cake with vanilla buttercream and was decorated in green, white and red, with 4 fondant swirl pops stuck in the cake.

Happy Birthday!!

December 23, 2010

Aerosmith Cake

This cake was created for a sweet 16th surprise birthday of a girl who loves anything Aerosmith! For the cake we created a Steven Tyler topper surrounded by purple and pink hearts and stars. The bottom tier had the Aerosmith wings logo in pink and purple as well.

The cake flavours were tuxedo cake with vanilla custard cream. Happy 16th birthday!!

Godfather Cake

Flavours included a tuxedo cake (vanilla and chocolate) with vanilla buttercream.

Christmas Dessert Table

This dessert table was ordered for a customer planning a holiday party with family and friends. The colour scheme was red and white with hints of green, and because santa was going to appear at the party we included hints of the jolly man himself.

This is the dessert table set up.

These Santa Cookies were made to give away as favours to all guests who attended.

The cookies pacakaged for guests.
Happy Holidays!!

Beyblade Cake/Cupcake Combo

This cake/cupcake combo was ordered for a beyblade themed birthday party. The cake flavour was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and decorated with an edible image of some of the characters. The cupcakes were vanilla with vanilla buttercream and decorated with individual images of the beyblade characters.

December 12, 2010

Holiday Cupcakes

These cupcakes were created for a holiday party. They were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, and decorated with fondant holly and snowflakes dusted with luster dust.

Happy Holidays!!

Iron Cupcake Christmas!

Iron Cupcake Christmas which was put on by For The Love of Cake, was just as fun this time around as it was for Halloween. For this contest, I created Santa's Bake Shop with a mini oven (with a working in it). I received many compliments about my design, however the lack of support I had there compared to other competitors was unmeasurable. (However, Thank you so much to the six of you who did come out to support me! It was greatly appreciated!!!)

There were amazing competitiors once again, so here is what the day looked like...
Since competitor #1 was a no-show...we started with #2 (which was me!)

Competitor #2:
My set-up included hardwood floors, an oven (with a working red light bulb to make it seem as if the cupcakes were baking), a conveyer belt which displayed 4 cupcakes "waiting" to go in the oven, a cooling station, and a packing station. Everything Santa would need in his bake shoppe! My competing flavour was chocolate candy cane.

Competitor #3:

Competitor #4:

Competitor #5:

Competitor #6:

Competitor #7:

Competitor #8:

Competitor #9:

Competitor #10:

Competitor #11:

Competitor #12:

Competitor #13:

Competitor #14:

Competitor #15:

And the winners were:

Runner up:Competitor #11
Winner: Competitor #4

Blue Sneaker Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake was created based on this cake we created a little while ago. The cake flavours included marble cake with vanilla buttercream and was decorated with blue gumpaste sneakers.