October 29, 2010

Women's Post Fashion Show

I have been so busy preparing for all my Halloween desserts this week, however I recieved an opportunity I could not turn down. I was asked to help cater a fashion show hosted by Women's Post on behalf of the Women of Baycrest. The show took place on Thursday October, 28 and was at the Capitol Event Theatre on Younge St downtown.

I created around 300 cake lollipops in three different flavours; chocolate, vanilla and carrot. The overwhelming response I recieved from them was amazing and greatly appreciated. I was so shocked that I ran out of my product in less than 2 hours (before the show actually began!)

This is my logo that was displayed as a sponsor on the website.

This is the set up I had that night!

I met a lot of great people last night who gave me a million compliments, so thank you once again.

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  1. I was at the Women's Post event and your cake bites were my favourite food there! They are soooo good. I only had the carrot cake ones but I'm sure the rest were fabulous too. Just fantastic.